SBMPTN 2015 Experience

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This is my personal experience after graduate from Vocational High School and participate ‘SBMPTN 2015’
After graduating from SMK Negeri 1 Soreang, of course, I am starting to get confused and think will go to college or work, because Vocational high School (SMK) graduates prepared to work. I start to discuss about this with my parents, and my parents said that i must continue my study. So, we finally decided to choose college before work. But, I was confused to choose which university, finally i decided to study at ‘Indonesia University Of Education (UPI), i really want to continue my study there.
we must test before we can study in UPI or another university which has public universities (In Bahasa is ‘Perguruan Tinggi Negeri’), the test called ‘SBMPTN’ 2015. At the time of registration SBMPTN, I register myself to test SBMPTN 2015. of course, i hoped to be accepted to study at UPI, then i fills the requirements to participate SBMPTN, I go to the Bank for registration payment, after that i verify data that has been previously filled. After the registration is complete, I asked to print a test card SBMPTN, there is written that I would test in Labschool UPI.

I decided to buy a guidebook SBMPTN to help my study, as I’ve say previously, im come from SMK, and i choose SOSHUM IPS which has not taught in Vocational High School(SMK). I am very excited to doing the test, I studied every day for two months, until the guide book that has been read all, but I realized that i need more knowledge to prepared for that test, So I am searching on the internet and learn more, the test time is getting closer, and I'm still learning day by day. On a day before the test, i allowed to survey the test place then i go to UPI, and there already written my name, after know my place test, i go back to home.
the test day is coming!!!
a tense moment, I went to UPI and then carry out the test, the first test is TKPA (Potential Academic Test), i fill that test by logic, the second test is TKD (Basic knowledge test in social science), I was a little bit confused to fill that test, Finally the time is over, I have filled TKPA test approximately 90% and 80% TKD test, although I'm not sure of the answer but Im optimistic that i can pass the test and continue my study in UPI. After a month, the announcement SBMPTN is coming, the website SBMPTN will announce of who will pass the SBMPTN test, then i open the website and the result is....
I did not pass SBMPTN 2015. I was dissapointed, sad, i really bad mood at that time, i sad for for a moment because of that, then I realized life must go on.
eventually I am looking for an alternative, I am looking for another university with good quality, I am searching on the internet, finally i found university which has good quality, the name is ‘Indonesia Computer University’ (UNIKOM), then I decided to continue my study there, I talk to my parents and they agree with my decision,
finally i register to UNIKOM and apply for path invitation, i was accepted in UNIKOM without test. Alhamdulillah, now i’m studying at ‘Indonesia Computer University’ (UNIKOM). Hopefully after graduating from here, I can be successful in life, and make my parents proud, aamiin.


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